Friday Mixtape!




When emotions are too raw to be satiated by listening to pop music, it’s not a bad idea to turn to rock. The vocalist for Leeds’ psych, punk rock band Hookworms—who simply goes by his initials, MJ—confirmed as much in a recent interview with Wondering Sound about his band’s new album The Hum.

“The new record still has songs about depression. “On Leaving” is about a friend who has mental health issues, so I’m seeing it from the other side, when you don’t know how to help someone. “The Impasse” is very much about depression, and even just leaving the house, which is something I still struggle with all the time.”

That song, “The Impasse” is a blistering track with tortured lo-fi vocals set against distorted guitar and antagonistic drums that expels the very distressed emotions MJ talks about in a less-than-three-minute tirade. From there, Hookworms transitions into the rather lengthy—but just as palpable—“On Leaving” that MJ also mentioned.

Both of these tracks along with twin spins from other newly released rock albums are featured in this week’s Friday Mixtape. There’s music from Content Nausea, the second release in 2014 by oft talked about fuzzy punk rockers Parquet Courts, the return of Scottish favorites The Twilight Sad as well as feminist angst from Washington D.C. glam band Ex Hex.

It’s the perfect mix to listen to when trying to indulge and then loosen the grip of negative feelings.

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