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The Complete 2015 Lust List Winners


  • Matthew Grimes

Here you have it, folks, the complete list of Bend's hotties, as voted by Source Weekly readers. Note: In some categories, there were no clear winners (that is, no one who had more votes than anyone else). We'll take that as a sign that Bend's hotness is spread out across the city—and that's a good thing.

Hottest Bartender
M: Stephen Hayes at Barrio/Velvet
F: Mandi Robertson at Cascade West

Hottest Barista
M: Chad Lujan at Dutch Bros
F: Shawn Anzaldo at Starbucks and Kaitlyn Giancola at Wilson Dutch Bros (TIE)

Hottest Musician
M: MEEKOH (aka Michael Lewis Martinez)
F: Caitlin Cardier and Nora Smith (TIE)

Hottest Teacher
M: Bend High art teacher Jesse Lockwood
F: No winner

Hottest Fitness/Yoga Instructor
M: Jeff Clasan at Yoga Lab 
F: Shanan Kelley at Groove Yoga

Hottest Brewer
M: Jon Dude at Oregon Spirit Distillery 
F: Elysse Boarman at humm kombucha and Veronica Vega at Deschutes (TIE)

Hottest Beard
Bobby Widger, Joel Togstad, and Tom Kevern (TIE)

Hottest Hair
Melanie Kehoe

Hottest Over 50
M: Bob Shaw and Danny Kuettle (TIE)
F: Lisa Gladden at Mosaic Medical

Hottest Server

M: Colin Gladden at Sunriver Brewing Company
F: Chelsea Hand at Deschutes

Hottest Couple
Nick Pulzone and Leigh Cepriano

Hottest Actor
M: Derek Sitter
F: Chelsea Woodmansee and Shanan Kelley (TIE)

Hottest Politician
M: City Councilor Nathan Boddie
F: County Commissioner Tammy Baney 

Hottest Hairstylist
M: Robert Flanagan at Roots 
F: Savannah Harris at Roots

Hottest Mt. Bachelor Employee
M: No winner
F: No winner

Hottest Journalist
M: Source Weekly Associate Editor Erin Rook
F: Former Source Weekly Arts & Culture Editor Bri Brey

Hottest DJ
M: Nathan Owens/Defekt
F: Karen Timme/UltraDJGirl

Hottest Artist 

M: Aaron Borden at Monolith
F: Kailah Bartolome at Monolith

Hottest Real Estate Agent

M: Tony Levison 
F: Becky Seim

Hottest Person in Uniform
M: Tommy Smith (National Guard)
F: No winner

Hottest Activist

M: Casey Corcoran at Blackjack Bioregional Info Shop
F: Amanda Stuermer at World Muse

Hottest Doctor/Nurse
M: Jose Pacheco
F: Melissa Adams

Hottest Jock

M: Brent Blakely at CrossFit Thrice
F: Erica Lee Cardwell with Bend Lady Roughriders Rugby

Hottest Nerd
M: Colton Fent at G5
F: Kayja Buhmann Lay It Out Events/Source Weekly

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