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editor's Note: In this week's issue


It is almost like an unofficial film festival this week, with nearly every evening over the next seven days hosting some remarkable, one-of-a-kind film event—and not just a great film, but live “performances” to provide something that you simply can’t get from renting the movie at home. 
On Thursday, in anticipation of TEDxBend this weekend, Bend Film is hosting a special screening of Add The Words, a documentary about a hard fought battle in Idaho to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the state’s human rights act. The film first screened at the Bend Film Festival, and Nicole LeFavour, one of the state legislators who is profiled in the film, returns for her talk on Saturday at TEDxBend, and also will be present at a screening on Thursday evening (6 pm) for a pre-film Q&A with me..
And then this weekend, back-to-back: On Saturday, Banff Film Festival World Tour swings through town; each stop on this 200 city tour is catered to the location, with sports matching the location, although that probably presents some struggles for the organizers who will need to make the festival a grab bag of kayaking, snowboarding and mountain biking films.
Then, on Sunday, a lecture by Larry Groupé, a film composer and, rounding out the week, a very special screening of the Breakfast Club, which we modestly are declaring the greatest 30th anniversary celebration in the country—and, why not, we have the film’s cinematographer on location for a Q&A and are hosting a costume contest.
Yes, it is quite a week for film in Bend.

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