What in the World: Russian passenger plane crash under investigation, Chipotle closes restaurants in Oregon and Washington, and the latest look at Europe's migrant crisis


The cause of the Russian passenger jet that broke apart midflight over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula killing all 224 people aboard is still unknown. The Metrojet deputy general director told news outlets that an external impact most likely caused the plane to break apart. Several countries—including Egypt and Russia—are now part of the investigation to determine what caused the crash. (Al Jazeera)

An E. Coli outbreak stemming from Chipotle restaurants in Portland and Seattle has sickened 22 people. The chain will temporarily shut down 43 locations. Since August, three food-contamination outbreaks have been linked to Chipotle. (OPB)

More people arrived in Europe during October than in all of 2014. Migrants, many from Syria, cross the Mediterranean in hopes of seeking asylum in Germany. Over the weekend, 70 people drown attempting to reach Greek Islands. As many as 1.5 million migrants are expected to arrive in Germany this year. (BBC)




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