What in the World: An Idaho rancher is killed by police, Anonymous plans to release KKK member names and Turkish journalists are arrested


An Idaho rancher was shot and killed by police after a car struck one of his bulls. When emergency workers were trying to rescue the driver of the car, Jack Yantis—the bull’s owner—arrived on the scene with a rifle.Police planned to shoot the bull and Yantis began firing at police. Police fired back killing Yantis and the bull. The officers have been placed on administrative leave. (The Oregonian)

Members of the group Anonymous say they have compiled a list of names of KKK members and intend to release them on Nov. 5th. A few names of elected officials have been posted, but officials are denying affiliation with the terrorist group. Anonymous—referred to as hacktivists—gained access to the KKK information through a  compromised Twitter account. (USA Today)

Turkish journalists were arrested after the offices of Nokta—a political magazine—were raided on Tuesday. After the Turkish election, the magazine’s cover suggested the election results would spark a civil war. Turkey will return to a single-party rule, and the country is experiencing a crackdown on journalist who oppose the election of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. (The Guardian)


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