What in the World: Senator Merkley introduces new fossil fuel extraction bill, Seattle man finds and returns checks to a school, and it's National Donut Day


Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley proposed a bill on Wednesday that would keep fossil fuels on federal land in the ground. Eighty percent of natural gas, coal, and oil must stay in the ground in order to prevent what scientist say could cause “catastrophic climate change.” Ten percent of the world’s carbon supply is under U.S. public lands. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren are co-sponsoring the bill. (OPB)

A Seattle waste management employee found $12,000 in checks outside of an elementary school while picking up trash. Micah Speir contacted the elementary school and met with the principal to return the checks. A PTA member accidentally dropped the bag of checks gathered from a fundraiser along garbage truck’s route. (Associated Press)

It’s National Donut Day, but so was June 3. So let’s just celebrate both. Where is your favorite place to grab a donut in Bend? (The Huffington Post)


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