Ruling allows Navajo Nation to continue its lawsuit against Urban Outfitters



The Navajo Nation’s lawsuit against retailer Urban Outfitters has been upheld by a federal court judge. In 2012, the tribe filed suit against the clothing store in New Mexico’s U.S. District Court after accessories and clothing labeled Navajo were sold in stores and online. U.S. District Judge Bruce D. Black decided the suit could continue citing the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, which was established to safeguard Native American culture property by Congress in 1935. According to the AP, court documents filed by Urban Outfitters stated that “the tribe lacks standing to the claims because it cannot show injury in fact,” but Black’s ruling allows the tribe’s suit to move forward citing it had shown “injury in fact.” (AP/KNAU) Urban Outfitters no longer sells Navajo branded clothing on its website.

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