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Bend Chamber Announces 2016 Women of the Year Awards



Submitted by Rachel Rees van den Berg, Bend Chamber
            Lifetime Achievement Award - Sue Hollern

Lifetime Achievement Award winners have shown long-term active engagement in our community and have made significant positive economic impacts locally. This award allows us to recognize true pillars in our community.


      Woman of the Year Award - Moe Carrick
      This award recognizes women who have excelled in their career, field or passion and/or have made a significant achievement in a traditionally male-dominated arena in the past 12 -24 months. Nominees must be at least 18 years of age.


Entrepreneur of the Year Award - Sarah Pool

Through timely innovation, strategic thinking and smart execution, the recipients of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award have launched and built one or more successful companies with a track record of growth, profitability, industry leadership and breaking new ground. Nominees must be 18 years of age.



Community Hero Award - Kim Meeder

This award acknowledges women who are making outstanding contributions to their community. Community Heroes demonstrate how people with passion and determination can use their lives to make a difference in the community.  Nominees must be over 21.

Young Hero Award (Age 18-21) - Hannah Birchem

Through this award, we are celebrating the power of local young ladies’ efforts that spark change and improve the world through passion and determination. Nominees are considered in two age groups: 14-17 and 18-21.

Young Hero Award (Age 14-17) - Madelynn Bowers

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