Have library fines? Here's your chance to have them forgiven



Have you ever gotten so caught up in a book that you just can’t put it down—even when you get an email from the library reminding you that the book needs to be returned? We know what it’s like to love a good book, but we too hate the late fees that come with keeping it just a little too long. But don't worry: the Deschutes County Library has a plan. 


Stock up on some non-perishable food items and bring them to the Deschutes County Library between August 5 and August 12 and you’ll get $1 off your overdue fines for every food item you bring in. The library is willing to take off a maximum of $5 from your late fees every day, but why not bring in more than five items; after all, it’s going to help the community!

No late fees? No worries! They’ll still gladly accept your food donation.  

So go get rid of your library fines by helping to fight hunger in our community—and maybe next time don’t keep that library book quite so long.

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