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Lingua Franca: bro/bra spoken here



In a letter to the editor in the November 2009 issue of Backcountry Magazine a reader wrote in regard to ski town living saying: "Do the people who have been living here for less than a season need to be saying buzz words like 'gnarly' and 'epic' every other sentence?"

Like dude, talking in bro/bra-speak comes with the territory if you want to appear to be a local. Make that a local who skis, rides (boards and bikes), makes the brewpub scene every day and apparently does this all without benefit of a job.

Oh and throw in a cool house, cool car and way-above-average children, eating well, competing at a perceived world class level well, and you are a true hipper-than-thou Bendite .

Depicting all the elements of bro/bra-speak and living large in Bend has been difficult until to pout into words let alone video until someone created the footage. If you haven't this video, and I won't try to describe it , do so if for no other reason than how well it skewers Bend's hyper cool ski/ride/swill/self-proclaimed super star athlete/awesome parent crowd nicely.

Whoever is behind the video gets major props for the effort. They could have gone way over the top but instead offer a restrained, and therefore

much more funny, approach.

Judge for yourself. Until then, I'm off to run laps on the cone with some of the gnarliest dudes on the planet after we hit that new brewpub to drink some sick ales.

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