Holy "Sister Christian!" Night Ranger is Still a Band. And They're Coming to Bend!

The hit 80s band, Night Ranger, comes to Bend.



If you're wondering what a Night Ranger is, I won't blame you. There's a good chance you're under 35 years old and/or don't hang out in a lot of karaoke bars.

But Night Ranger, the '80s rock band known for their huge hit, Sister Christian, is apparently still touring and are coming to Bend for a free show at Downtown Bend's Troy Field on July 8. That's the big grassy area next to McMenamins.

The show is a listener appreciation show for 98.3FM The Twins. If you're still one of the people who's never heard of Night Ranger, please enjoy the video below. If you're an established NR fan, feel free to blast this throughout your home and/or office.

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