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Reader Survey: Music Streaming

With so many online music listening options... what are you using? Let us know and tell us why!


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A couple of weeks ago I profiled Spotify, one of the newest streaming music services available in the United States. With news last month that the Swedish service has passed the 2.5 million paid subscriber mark worldwide (10 million registered users) and is opening up their API to App developers; I’m starting to wonder if it’s catching on here in the states like it is in other music loving countries? I’ve decided to put all my eggs in one basket and integrate Spotify into how I share music online, but have you? Are you using some other service like Rdio or Rhapsody (which has now aside from Germany and the UK, fully swallowed up Napster), or are you still slinging digital greenbacks to purchase your music from iTunes or emusic? Have you dipped a toe into Google music or the Amazon cloud? Let’s hear from you! Share with us how you are experiencing your music and tell us why!


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