Dr. Adam Galinsky: When to Cooperate, When to Compete, & How to Succeed at Each



Amy Alkon HumanLab—The Science Between Us,
a weekly show with the luminaries of behavioral science.

On tonight's show, noted social scientist Dr. Adam Galinsky takes on the long-running debate about whether it's best to be self-interested or other-interested—a question Galinsky says actually misses the mark.

Delving into recent research, Galinsky explains why maximizing our potential for success takes doing both—sometimes cooperating, sometimes competing (and sometimes doing a little of each). He'll also offer some extremely valuable tips on how you can win at work and in many competitive situations through understanding and managing the nuances on cooperating and competing.

Galinsky's terrific new book, co-authored with Dr. Maurice Schweizer, is Friend & Foe.

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