Flirt Science: Amy Alkon & Dr. Jennifer Verdolin on How to Flirt like a Master



Science-based advice columnist and author Amy Alkon and animal behaviorist and author Dr. Jennifer Verdolin lay out science news you can use to solve your relationship problems or just improve your relationships and have a better life.

Join us tonight for an enlightening show on flirting. It turns out that flirting is anything but frivolous. In fact, understanding the science of flirting and mastering the most powerful techniques is the way to both get love in your life and have it stick around. Tune in to find out all the moves you'll need.

And don’t forget to buy our science-based and amusing books—support our show while entertaining yourself and learning a thing or two to improve your life. Amy’s new book is "Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck" and Jennifer’s is "Wild Connection: What Animal Courtship and Mating Tell Us about Human Relationships."

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