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Mt. Bachelor is doing its part to help cushion the blow of our floundering economy with an awesome shredonomic funulus package.
Kids and Teens can ride for free with an adult purchase of a multi-day pass. Bachelor will double multi-day tickets bought online, offer $29 tickets for guests of season pass holders from Sunday- Friday, and $29 super midweek school skip specials from Tuesday-Thursday with advance purchase.
At least this stimulus package won't be given to multi billion dollar companies who should have taken measures to avoid bankruptcy in the first place.

On a different topic, I have been known to take the occasional rib at Mt. Bachelor. All weather related shutdowns and lift malfunctions aside, Bachelor IS making strides toward repairing the rift that opened between PowderCorp and the locals. This most recent ticket deal is another move in the right direction in repairing their public perception and will most likely be economically advantageous to everyone, especially my friends who didn't get passes this year.

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