Zappa Plays Zappa coming to town... and Deer Tick plays tonight

Zappa Plays Zappa is coming to town and Deer Tick plays tonight.



I’ll admit that I’m not a Frank Zappa enthusiast, but I’m aware of a bucketful of folks here in Bend that worship at the alter of perhaps the only man to have earned the title of “rock and roll composer.” And they’re in luck because there’s some Zappa music coming to town.

As we’ve written about a couple times in the Outta Town column of the print edition, Frank’s son, Dweezil, has spent the last few years touring with members of his dad’s original band for a show he’s dubbed Zappa Plays Zappa. The Source learned yesterday that Dweezil and company are descending on the Tower Theatre on November 30.

Tickets are already on sale and can be purchased from Tower’s website.

Here’s some video of Zappa plays Zappa in Portland in 2006:

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Also, as I wrote about in last week’s issue, Deer Tick, the much-talked about (and rightfully so) Americana-laced indie rock band from Rhode Island is playing a completely free show at McMenamins tonight at 7pm. Thanks to McMenamins uber-early booking policies, we get to see this high-profile act in what’s sure to be an extremely cozy Father Luke’s Room...for free.

Here’s the band playing live in the Seattle’s KEXP studios:

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