Hairy Upper Lip Mania! Mustache Bash for Schools at the Domino Room on Monday Night

Rise Up International celebrates a month worth of mustache growing with a party at the Domino Room on 11/30.


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Mustaches have been growing everywhere as of late, with some going as far as to rename the entire month, Movember.

We all know mustaches are either ridiculous or awesome: Awesome if you're holding a pistol, riding a horse while smoking a hand-rolled cigarette, driving a 1975 Dodge Charger, or happen to be a middle relief pitcher - and ridiculous if you're anyone else. But mustaches have served a good cause this month, raising money for local schools by way of pledges donated to continue their obnoxious upper lip growth.

On Monday, November 30 Rise Up International is presenting an event called: "Mustache Bash: A Fundraiser for Local Schools." The party will feature music from Leif James, Tree Dwellers, The Autonomics, and We Are Brontosaurus. Things get started at 6:30pm at the Domino Room and it's free and all ages.

Here is the link to the page for the Bend's mustache growers, who have already funded two school projects with their mustachioed energy.

You are, of course, encouraged to wear a mustache (real or otherwise) to the party. Better get growing.


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