Little Woody Beer Festival Coming Back to Bend in 2010 -- With Bourbon!

After a successful inaugural year, the Little Woody returns for 2010.



I just heard from the kind people at Lay It Out Events (who share a building and an owner with the Source Weekly) that the Little Woody Barrel-Aged Beer Festival is coming back for a second go around over Labor Day weekend of 2010.

Last year's inaugural event featured wood-conditioned beers from all of the county's breweries. The featured brews were the sort of high-alcohol, full-bodied concoctions that one could expect to emerge from a an actual beer barrel. Once again, the event will be held on the grounds of the Des Chutes Historical Society on the edge of Bend's downtown.

This year, the festival is bringing in bourbon, which also is made in barrels and may also include some regional beers in addition to the returning local fare.

We still haven't heard anything about the Bend Brewfest, which took a year off in 2009, but has never been actually canceled for good.

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