Number One Reason to Have Kids: So you can make them recreate "Scarface"

Watching these kids recreate the climactic scene of "Scarface" kinda makes me want to have kids.



No, I'm not serious. Well, not that serious. But this video of what appears to be an elementary school class recreating the climactic scene of Scarface, is quite possibly the funniest damn thing in the world.

Yes, we're supposed to be offended by this -- it's got kids shooting other kids and saying words like "motherfudger," and "cocaine" for crying out loud. But just try to watch this from start to finish and not at least giggle.

Whether or not this was actually filmed at a school is definitely up for debate. I mean seriously, it seems there would be at least a few gasps or likely, an irate mother or father storming the stage in a fit of PC paranoia. But you can decide by watching below...but be prepared to immediately feel guilty for laughing.

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