Want to See Some People Jump Off Some Crazy Stuff? It's called free running

Insane video of local free runners in Bend.



If you haven't had a chance to get your hands on the print edition of the Source yet this week, you should pick it up soon to take a look at our annual Sports and Recreation Issue.

Rather than write about mountain biking and rock climbing and kayaking and trail running and .........Whoa, sorry, those sports are all so boring that I fell asleep just typing about them. OK, they're not boring, but compared to the ridonnnnculous "fringe" sports we profiled in this issue, they're indeed sleep inducing.

One of the stories is about free running, which is essentially a sport where one gallops about town, tossing himself or herself off of whatever come in the way. Take a look at the mini--documentary staffers Anne Pick and Sara Roth put together.

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