Thursday's Big Night of Music: The Aggrolites, White Buffalo, The Poison Control Center

Read this before deciding what show to see on this busy Thursday night of music.



I'm indecisive. I spend more of my lunch break deciding what to eat than I do eating. I flip endlessly through my iTunes each morning looking for the most appropriate album for the day ahead and when I'm at the Redbox DVD kiosk...well, that's the only place I'm not indecisive, because it would be rude to make people wait while I debated between Freaky Friday and Freaky Friday 2.

So one  can imagine my concern with choosing a show to attend tonight. And this is something the rest of Bend's live music-attending faction is also likely struggling with.

We've got LA's dirty reggae masters, The Aggrolites, at the Domino Room kicking off at 9pm. The band's latest record, IV, is a 21-track illustration of how reggae can be re-imagined -- and reinvigorated -- for a new generation. And this one is all-ages -- a key factor for Bend's U-21 crowd. 9pm.

Across the street at the Silver Moon, The White Buffalo is playing with a full band. The White Buffalo, real name: Jake Smith, sold out the room last time around, during which he blew us away all on his own, and with a band behind him...damn. Who knows what could happen. Also, local producer extraordinaire Franchot Tone is opening the show with his new trio, which adds to the appeal. 9pm.

And completing the trifecta of incredible live music is The Poison Control Center, the dark horse of the bunch, which is playing down at Mountain's Edge. The Ames, Iowa-based act is at once both poppy and technically savvy, playing with Built To Spill-esque guitar hooks and plenty of dance-inspiring melodies. Since first hearing them a couple weeks ago, the band has been in my steady rotation. 8pm.

Then, there's also some nice free music options like David Clemmer and the Stoics at McMenamins and Jerri Jhetto at Munch and Music.

Decisions, decisions. Here's some video evidence to help you with your decision.

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