A Novel Idea Announces 2011 Book: Kapitoil by Teddy Wayne

The Deschutes Public Library is picked "Kapitoil" by Teddy Wayne as its 2011 Novel Idea book.



Kapitoil Teddy Wayne Novel Idea
  • Kapitoil Teddy Wayne Novel Idea
If you’re looking for a book to read, which you probably should be, considering the onslaught of crappy weather rumored to be on the way soon, the Deschutes Public Library has a suggestion, and it’s the title they’ve picked for their Novel Idea Program: Kapitoil by Teddy Wayne.

Some 5,500 county residents participate in the community literary event each year, according to the DPL. A Novel Idea begins on April 10, 2011 with three weeks of programs, culminating in author Teddy Wayne’s appearances in the area between April 28 and 30.

Kapitoil is a novel about a young man from Qatar who arrives in New York City to work in the financial sector, predicting oil future and soon makes his company an outrageous fortune.

All right, you’ve got about six months to read the book…that’s plenty of time, right?

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