Blonde Redhead got super loud at the Roseland Theater last Saturday



This past Saturday I headed down to our rainy sister city to check out Blonde Redhead at the Roseland Theater. I've been a fan of the New York-based trio for a while but wasn't expecting the intense show the band put on.

Judging from their nearly two decades worth of albums, which highlight lead singer Kazu Makino's breathy, ethereal vocals, I was expecting more of what my friend called "sad lesbian music" - which I love. But instead the band put on one of the loudest shows I've heard in a while.

Makino also came onstage in a Star Wars-esque mask, and since she's super hot I'm pretty sure every trekkie in the audience got a boner. I personally thought of Diva Plavalaguna from the Fifth Element (If you don't know the reference look it up, and watch the movie while you're at it - Bruce Willis at his finest).

Below is Blonde Redhead performing Dr. Strangeluv.

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