Four Loko Watch: 73-Year-Old man arrested with an open can, and is it still in Oregon?

More news about Four Loko and its new non-caffeinated cousin.



Four Loko
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Continuing our ongoing coverage of Four Loko -- the 23.5-ounce cans of caffeinated malt liquor that have since been banned in Oregon and many other states -- I wanted to pass on this story of a 73-year-old man arrested in Florida for driving with an open can of Four Loko.

Just so happens that the guy is Ron DiMenna, the founder of Ron Jon Surf Shops, and this is his third arrest for driving under the influence. And officers said he was stumbling and having trouble speaking when he was arrested around 4:15 in the afternoon. Surf's up, dude. Jeez...Louise.

Also, when purchasing some generic brand peanuts at a convenience store the other day, I noticed that Four Loko is back on the shelves here in Oregon. But those looking for the energy buzz that once came with the drink won't find it -- this is the decaffeinated version that just rolled out.

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