Washington Faces Nebraska in the Blowout Bowl...I Mean Holiday Bowl

Why is Nebraska playing Washington in the Holiday Bowl.



I have to look back pretty far to find more of an odd match up for a bowl game than is taking place tonight down in San Diego where #18 Nebraska is facing the 6-6 Washington Huskies.

Why is this odd?

First off -- The two teams already played once this year with the Huskers rocking Washington 55-22 up in Seattle.

Secondly -- Nebraska played in the Big XII conference championship and just barely lost, yet they're in the Bridgeport Education Holiday Bowl. If a team wins 10 games, but ends up in a bowl sponsored by a company you've never heard of, that's a problem. Nebraska fans have a right to be pissed about this pairing.

Thirdly -- This is going to almost certainly be a blowout and bowls aren't supposed to be blowouts. Well, except for the Chico's Bail Bonds Blowout Bowl, but that's not a real bowl...yet.

UPDATE: I'm currently enjoying a big plate of crow, with my foot in my mouth as I wipe the egg off my face. Yes, UW won and yes,  I'm idiot. Good game Huskies -- next time I'll have your back.



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