Oregon Drug Bust of the Week: Almost 100 Pounds of Pot

Police find a ton of pot in a safe near Eagle Point.



Marijuana arrest
  • Marijuana arrest
OK, due to SNOWCLUSTEREFF 2011, I'm a little late on this week's drug bust, but it's a pretty sizable one.

This week, we head down to rural Jackson County where an Oregon State Police drug task force seized 98.6 pounds of marijuana, packaging materials, scales and a handgun. John Lee Hull, Jr was arrested on suspicion of a bevy of marijuana possession charges.

Police first found about 44 pounds of pot in a safe, then located more than 50 additional pounds scattered throughout the house in jars and five-gallon containers. They also found a small amount of marijuana drying in a closet.

So there you go, just a reminder that pot is actually still illegal in Oregon. Who knew?



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