The Seattle Times Pushes for Marijuana Legalization

Washington's paper of record comes out in favor of legalizing pot.



Marijuana Legalization
  • Marijuana Legalization
Today, The Seattle Times published an editorial stating that Washington state House Bill 1550, a law that would legalize and tax marijuana in the state deserved a hearing in the house Ways and Means Committee.

This comes just one week after the paper -- the largest daily in the state of Washington -- published another editorial last Friday that made a level-headed, reasonable case for ending marijuana prohibition in the state. Among other reasons, the editorial says that legalization could yield as much as $300 in tax revenue each year.

Why are these editorials significant? Well, The Seattle Times is hardly a radical publication. In fact, it's the publication of record for that state and reflects what appears to be a changing attitude toward marijuana amongst the general population (not just certain subcultures) in our region.

There's a good chance nothing becomes of this bill, but it should nonetheless be interesting to keep an eye on Washington in the coming months.

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