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Political Blowback A-Brewing?

Does the name Karin Immergut ring any bells? No? Okay, how about Monica Lewinsky?



Does the name Karin Immergut ring any bells? No? Okay, how about Monica Lewinsky?

Karin Immergut is the U.S. Attorney for Oregon, and according to Willamette Week she's Sen. Gordon Smith's top choice to replace retiring U.S. District Court Judge Garr King, a Democrat appointed by Bill Clinton. But Immergut's journey to Senate confirmation might be tough because of some of the political baggage she carries.

Notably, she was a member of Special Prosecutor Ken Starr's team during the investigation of the Lewinsky affair (aka Blowjobgate) 10 years ago. "It was Immergut who personally questioned Monica Lewinsky in an Aug. 6, 1998, deposition, famously asking whether the president was wearing pants when he received oral sex," Willy Week reports. "Now, with Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) a leading presidential candidate and Clinton's friend Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Immergut's appointment could get a rough reception in Congress."

"It's worth noting that Immergut doesn't include the Ken Starr gig on her official biography," writes Kari Chisholm on BlueOregon. "What's she hiding? Is she not proud of the work she did solving the mystery of a presidential blow job? Spending millions of taxpayer dollars interrogating Monica about the blue dress?"

Chisholm is also bothered by the fact that Immergut switched her party allegiance to Republican after working with Starr and then was appointed a U.S. Attorney by George W. Bush. "Strangely, she wasn't among the U.S. Attorneys that got fired by Alberto Gonzales," Chisholm adds. "What did Karin Immergut do to avoid getting fired along with all the others that refused to kowtow to Karl Rove?"

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