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$20 Original Art Sale from Local Artists

Looking for some original art but on a budget? You're in luck this weekend!



or the last five years, Bend artists have gathered to sell small, one-of-a-kind pieces for just $20. Yup. Cheap. It's become an event that one may describe as a "swap" between the artist themselves: an opportunity to gather, share, trade and meet new artists in the community who are joining in for this once-a-year event. While the entire $20 from each sale goes to the artist, many artists use their credit to pick up a piece of inspiring work by another, who they might not otherwise be able to afford to buy from.

"So many people do not give themselves permission to buy art," suggests Stuart Bridenstein, who hosts the event every year. This year it will take place on Oct. 21 in the new space on 9th Street, the Bright Place Gallery. "People think it's frivolous or something. And this allows people who might not feel art is in their budget to procure some."

This year you will see work from Monica Helms, Megan McGuiness, Kaycee Anseth, Derek Stevens, Tara Doherty, Stephanie Olsen, Stuart Briedenstein, Abby Cakes, me (yes, full disclosure, I participate in this event and I love it) and more. An estimated 100 pieces of art will be for sale. All pieces will be small, under 6 inches by 6 inches, hand made and one of a kind.

"The show has been a really fun place to hang out with other artists and creatives, and it's incredibly inspiring to see the works, what everyone is able to imagine and create," shares Monica Helms, a local painter who specializes in modern, abstract images of animals. But not everyone submits paintings. You will also find encaustic works, embroidery, framed drawings and more. It is always suggested that you arrive early, because these small, lovely originals find homes very quickly.

$20 Original Art Sale

Sat., Oct. 21


Bright Place Gallery

909 SE Armour Rd., Bend

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