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20 Questions

Hey, why is it that when you ask a cop here in Bend a question he answers in a way such as, 'Well I think



Hey, why is it that when you ask a cop here in Bend a question he answers in a way such as, 'Well I think that it is because of this!' What is up with that? Don't they have access to a computer in their squad cars? When I ask a question about something I want to hear, 'Well sir, this is the city ordinance,' or, 'This is this because this is the law in Oregon.'

I have had numerous experiences with the police here in Bend, and quite frankly they suck. Why do they suck? Well I never see them on Skyliners road west of Mt. Washington Drive monitoring those idiots in their pickups blazing along at 80 mph. Is there a speed limit out there? I have asked questions about the bicycle lanes and whether or not it is illegal to park in that lane. Some police say yes and some say no. Well what is it? The City Hall says it is illegal to park in the bicycle lane unless it is a city vehicle or emergency vehicle.

I have seen the police here let young teenagers curse at them and they do nothing. So (much) for feeling safe around here; I guess it is time to leave Bend. So to be fair, not all the police are Beevis (sic) and Butthead or Ren and Stimpy, and I have met one or two who know the laws.

I guess we can't trust the cops, so perhaps we should go down to City Hall and get all the information ourselves so we know our right and the law.

So my final departure here is: Can someone let Sheryl (sic) Baxter know that her police force need(s) to know the answers and not make them up. When we, the residents, get false answers our faith in the police goes down the toilet.


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