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2011 Lust List Results

Central Oregonians voted, and here are the people you wanted to see - the hottest of the hotties.


Hottest Male Teacher: Derek Sitter (Actor's Realm)

Hottest Female Teacher: Ally Thompson (COCC)

Hottest Male Barista: Steve Cheprinka (Thump)

Hottest Female Barista: TIE: Kaycee (Lone Pine)
and Meghan (Strictly Organic)

Hottest Male Server: Jason Knight (Ariana)

Hottest Female Server: Lexi (Bo Restobar)

Hottest Male Public Official: Chuck Arnold

Hottest Female Public Official: Tammy Baney

Hottest Male TV Personality: Bob Shaw

Hottest Female TV Personality: Nina Mehlhaf

Hottest Male Bartender: Nolan (Velvet)

Hottest Female Bartender: Megan (Seven)

Hottest Nerd: Keaton Myrick

Hottest Couple: Keaton Myrick and Michelle Roats

Hottest Male Local Celebrity: Matthew Fox

Hottest Female Local Celebrity: Shannon Bex

Hottest Male Athlete: Damian Schmidt

Hottest Female Athlete: Stephanie Howe

Hottest Male Body: Matt Lieto

Hottest Female Body: Kristi Cutter

Hottest Male Yoga Instructor:

Lucius Wheeler

Hottest Female Yoga Instructor: Shannan Kelley

Hottest Male Local Musician: Mosley Wotta

Hottest Female Local Musician: Anastacia Beth Scott

Hottest Librarian:
Shawna Dailey

Sexiest Bar: Velvet

Sexiest Music Venue: Mad Happy Lounge

Sexiest Brewery: 10 Barrel Brewing

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