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5 Food Trends for 2018 

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Get out your napkins, Central Oregon, because these food trends for 2018 are going to make you want to eat—lots.
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Get out your napkins, Central Oregon, because these food trends for 2018 are going to make you want to eat—lots.

Plant-based Food is Raging

Veggies are taking over! With 58 percent of adults drinking non-dairy milk and searches for "vegan" on Google at an all-time high, we're going to see a lot more vegan products on store shelves and local menus. This is good news for local businesses such as Red Plate Foods, which offers vegan cookies, granola and muffins, and Bend Pizza Kitchen, offering vegan pizza. By the end of the year, vegans may put meat back on the menu. JUST expects to have their first "clean meat" product, made from cells instead of live animals, on the market
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Avocado Toast is Here to Stay

Our love of buttery avocado on bread can't be quenched. Even fashion brands, including Emi Jay, carry boyfriend tees with the phrase, "you're the avocado to my toast." This year expect to see the soft flesh of avocado smashed, fanned, cut out in all different shapes and artfully arranged in an attempt to keep the dish from becoming banal. To satisfy your craving for avocado toast locally visit Dakine Café, Jackson's Corner, Companion Coffeehouse or Thump Coffee on York. Avocado toast image: Jami430, Veganliftz.com Read more here »

Seltzer Stays Cool—Spiked or Not

Millennials want to pair LaCroix with their avocado toast. The seltzer trend isn't going away; it just gets bigger as Americans drink less sugary soda. Earlier this month Pepsi launched Bubly, their own line of calorie-free, sugar free, sodium free carbonated water to try to break into the market. If you're too lazy to dump your own booze into your bubbly water you can find spiked seltzer brands Spindrift, White Claw and SpikedSeltzer where you usually buy your beer and cider in town.

Regular Waffles are Square, Bubble Waffles are Hip

If a waffle got it on with bubble wrap the baby would be a bubble waffle. Traditionally a street snack in Hong Kong, "egg waffles" are made with a sweet, egg-rich batter that rises when cooked in a waffle pan with semi-spherical chambers. The crispy bubble waffles are pliable, filled with sweet ingredients and folded like a taco. Common fillings include ice cream, Nutella, whipped cream and honey. Many places take the bubble waffle over the top by adding chocolate sauce, caramel, fruit, candies, sprinkles and Japanese Pocky, thin chocolate-coated biscuit sticks. You can get your bubble waffle fix at TeaCupfuls in Bend.
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How Local Can You Go?

If you had to eat food grown in your neighborhood, or within walking distance of your house, what would you eat? If you're lucky, there's a community garden nearby. The trend to go hyperlocal pushes restaurants and consumers to produce, process and eat their own food in an attempt to save money and be more environmentally friendly. If this trend really catches on in Central Oregon expect to see more than a backyard or rooftop garden; we'll need greenhouses to accommodate our short growing season. One local restaurant with a small garden on its property is French Market. In the summer they harvest ingredients from the garden to inspire their menu and use fresh picked flowers in their cocktails.
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Get out your napkins, Central Oregon, because these food trends for 2018 are going to make you want to eat—lots.

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