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Summer Delight

Ideal edibles for Central Oregon summer adventures, recommended by local budtenders



Summertime in Central Oregon is meant to be spent outside. One day might have you hiking along the river, the next out for a bike ride, and another paddle boarding on a lake. You just never know what you'll get yourself into—so if you like to partake, you need to make sure your high is managed properly and leaves you feeling good-to-go for all your favorite activities. That's why come summer, when you're always on the move, edibles are sometimes the easier and more convenient choice to enjoy your day.

We hopped around town to a few dispensaries and got some tips from budtenders about their favorite edibles for summertime consumption. Check out what they had to say below, and always remember: if you're consuming edibles outside or in nature, do so responsibly and safely.

James Neil - Dr. Jollys - ISAAC BIEHL
  • Isaac Biehl
  • James Neil - Dr. Jollys

James Neil - Dr. Jollys
Edible: Wyld Raspberry gummies, Sativa

"Sativa is a head-high. It won't make you feel tired and it will actually give you energy in an uplifting high. People that don't have a high tolerance in cannabis can enjoy themselves, and it tastes great because it's made out of real fruit. So it won't give you a stomachache."

Khadijah Brown - Jenny's Dispensary
Edible: Drops Jellies

Khadijah Brown - Jenny's Dispensary - ISAAC BIEHL
  • Isaac Biehl
  • Khadijah Brown - Jenny's Dispensary

"They have ratios (CBD, THC), and I like the ratios just for the daily—anxiety and stuff. But then if you like to get stoned they also have these (straight THC). I really enjoy their product. The price is $12, and it's super good. The Balance, the Creative and Active [flavors] would be the better ones [for summer activities]. How they have it set up is, the Dreamy is indica, the Chill is Indica-hybrid, balance is hybrid, and then hybrid-sativa and just sativa. So they have one for everything."

Lauryn Hoyt - Plantae
Edible: Golden Fruit Chews

Lauryn Hoyt - Plantae - ISAAC BIEHL
  • Isaac Biehl
  • Lauryn Hoyt - Plantae

"These ones are really good flavors. They're all fruit chews, made with real fruit so they're vegan. It's nice to have that healthy option, but also it's nice on your stomach and usually in the summer you don't want heavy chocolates or anything. There's a lot of citrus, fruity vibes in these ones."

Dusty Newman - Oregrown
(Voted Best Budtender in Source Weekly's Best of 2020 reader poll)
Edible: Magic Number Seltzer, Delta Nine gummies

Dusty Newman - Oregrown - ISAAC BIEHL
  • Isaac Biehl
  • Dusty Newman - Oregrown

"These are full-spectrum. They source all their stuff from Buddies so you actually have strain-specific drinks. There's literally nothing in it—it's just carbonated water flavoring. Those are great. Drinks are always good for the summer. When you're sitting by the river or something, and not everyone always wants to eat candy. It's good to have something to sip on. I also really love the Delta Nine gummies. They're a local company, under 10 bucks, and you get six gummies in there with good flavors."

Frankie Garcia - Diamond Tree East
Edible: Koala Bars

Frankie Garcia - Diamond Tree East - ISAAC BIEHL
  • Isaac Biehl
  • Frankie Garcia - Diamond Tree East

"With these we have them in single-dose or 10-packs as well. They're chocolate bar pieces. Right here is a Banana Pudding or Strawberry Cheesecake (Diamond Tree also has Chocolate Turtle, Key Lime Pie & Mint Chocolate Chip). These are very uplifting and relaxing—it's like a very bubbly, happy high."

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