Eclipse 2017 

The Great Oregon Eclipse is happening August 21, 2017! Visit this page often for the Source Weekly’s continuing coverage of this big event.

Eclipse 2017

Scrounge Food

What to eat in an apoc-ecliptic food crisis
In case you've been living under a rock for the past couple months, the eclipse is happening this week, and the moon coming to block the sun has many of us wondering what will ensue. I know from interviewing the manager at Market of Choice that he's having trouble sleeping at night because he's not sure what's going to happen at his store.


Pick's Eclipse Picks

Events for the Apoc-Eclypse
Odds are you've had your eclipse plans cemented for months now—but just in case you're looking for something to occupy your time prior to and after the (roughly) two minutes of totality this weekend, we've got you covered.


Choosing A Place To Watch An Eclipse

The Dark Side Of The Moon......and how to find it!
The T shirts, fridge magnets and solar glasses are all ready to go, but are you?

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A DIY Eclipse Viewer!

Blew it with the eclipse glasses? Maybe not. Use this guide!
A simple how-to for viewing the eclipse safely—by even using a copy of this newspaper.

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The Eclipse: Another Excuse for Good Beer

Brews to go with the week's once-in-a-lifetime theme—plus Redmond Brewfest!
Just in case this is the first piece of media readers of this column have seen all year, there's going to be a total eclipse north of Bend on Monday morning. It's a lifetime event, the first total one the US has seen since 1979, and—this being the United States, after all—companies nationwide are seeking to cash in on it.

Beer & Drink

Meet These Profesh Eclipse Chasers

The world-class adventurers who pursue magic moments.
When it comes to eclipse watching, you can't be much more of a fanboy than these three.

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E-Day: A One Week Timeline for the Eclipse

As the countdown begins, here's how to better prepare for the Great American Eclipse
As the countdown begins, here's a timeline to better prepare for the Great American Eclipse

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A Noob's Guide to Special Oregon Stuff

The rules on the wacky tabacky, driving and other stuff in Oregon, for you eclipse visitin' noobs
Yeah, yeah, we get it—you came for the eclipse... but it doesn't hurt that Oregon happens to have great beer and legal weed, too.

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StreetBeat: We Ask You What You're Doing For the Eclipse

Locals and visitors weigh in on what they're doing for the #OREclipse

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Hella Swag

From coins to jewelry to T-shirts, Central Oregonians are capitalizing on the eclipse
Y ou may have already started to see it: eclipse merchandise, taking Central Oregon by celestial storm.

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It Ain't All Sunny When Prepping for the Eclipse

Local businesses are stocking up to be ready for the influx
On a normal day, about 200,000 folks call Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties home.

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I Survived an Eclipse (And You Can Too!)

Sketchy boat rides, a blood infection and a burglary. What's not to love about chasing an eclipse?
"R eef!

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I Survived an Eclipse in Central Oregon

...and it was pretty anticlimactic.
I t was February of 1979 and my husband and I had moved to Bend just a few months before.

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Fires, Crops and other Concerns

In small burgs such as Gateway, prep for the eclipse involves and planning to protect farms, and livelihoods
G ateway is a small farming community about 11 miles north of Madras, boasting a population of 50 residents, plus or minus a few.

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Eclipse Road Closures in the Deschutes National Forest

Officials from the Deschutes National Forest have announced a number of road closures for eclipse week, including:

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Central Oregon Eclipse Events

The 2017 total solar eclipse sweeps the nation on August 21, and NASA has labeled Oregon the best place for viewing. With ODOT estimating one million people flocking to Oregon for the event, many small towns in the path of totality have stepped up to the plate.


Eclipsing All Other Views

The first permit issued on the Warm Springs side of Mt. Jefferson means unprecedented views for eclipse viewing
O n Aug. 21, the vast majority of people in Central Oregon will be staring at the sky, watching the moon move in front of the sun, and seeing dusk hit in the middle of the morning.

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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Why you need to see the TOTAL eclipse—and why you need to take care to protect your eyeballs
On Aug. 21, millions of people will share in a communal experience that surpasses socio-economidc class, gender, race, political ties and more— and all for just a few bucks.

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Ashley Volz, Deschutes County Emergency Services Coordinator

An integral part of the Emergency Service Team During the Great American Eclipse
"This experience has been like a baptism by fire, for all of us."

Source Spotlight

Ever wonder what an eclipse looks like from space? Here ya go.

Check out this cool video of what it looks like from up there.


Eclipse Encounters

With an increase in population numbers for the Great American Eclipse, local advocates warn about an increase in human trafficking cases, too.
At a conference room at Bend's St. Charles Medical Center, the room goes silent as a mother relates a story about her young daughter.

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ApocEclipse Prep

Everything you need to get started
How to prepare for the ApocEclipse:

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ApocEclipse BEND

Bend Residents will have all the headaches of the Great American Eclipse but without benefit of actually seeing it
On Aug. 21, Bend residents will have all of the headaches associated with the Great American Eclipse—without the benefit of being able to sit in the front yard and enjoy totality.

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NASA's Eclipse Path Map

Where to see the eclipse across Oregon
Hold onto your hats and bust out those fancy cardboard goggles, because the Great American Eclipse is headed our way August 21, 2017. Here's a map of the path of totality for Oregon, courtesy of NASA.


Eclipse Chasers

The Biggest Event of the Year: Why, Where and How to Watch the Great American Eclipse
Editor's note: The print version of this story listed the eclipse date as August 20. The date is August 21, 2017.

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