Submit an Event 

Our events calendar has a new look! If you already know your way around, click "SUBMIT AN EVENT" below. Otherwise, take a look at our instructions!

Add an Event to Our Calendar 

1. Go to or click on “Calendar” on the homepage of

2. Is your event already listed? It could be! Search the calendar first before submitting an event. Often events are added automatically if they are posted on Facebook or a venue web page.

3. Not listed? Click the "Add an Event" button in the upper right-hand corner of the calendar.

4. Log in. This will be a separate account than the one you use to comment on articles on If you don't have a Scenethink account, you can sign up here as well.

5. Enter your event details, including the location, times, any contact info you want to share and photos. A photo is flashier—and draw attention to your event (be sure that you have permission to use the photo that you upload!) For "Event Type," choose from the pulldown menu.
**You'll notice that the categories differ from our print edition. Please pick the closest category and note in the "Event Notes" if you'd like it to appear in a specific print section (ex. "Wellness Classes" or "Words").
*By submitting a photo on or, you are claiming you have permission to use the photo and grant us permission to use it for print or online editorial purposes. Please add a photo credit (ex. Photo by Jane Doe or Contributed by My Organization) in the description of event, if one is needed. (Read full terms and conditions below).
6. Most locations in the Bend area are already in our system. However, if the location of your event isn’t coming up, you can add your own venue.

7. To edit your event after you've submitted it, go to your account (select the person icon next to the "Add Event" button). Select "Manage Events" from the drop-down menu. Select your event. The editing window should expand on the right side of the screen, below a blue taskbar with icons. Click the pencil symbol to edit your event.


8. If your event takes place on multiple days or times, you'll need to add multiple occurrences after submitting. To add dates, click the circular icon with two arrows (see illustration above) on the taskbar to "set recurring dates." Select all dates that apply, then click the "Add Dates" button. Those occurrences will be added and will appear on your "Manage Events" screen.

If you're having any issues with events, please contact or Calendar Editor Keely Damara at

You may also e-mail your event information to the appropriate editor, as listed on our Contact Us page. If you're uncertain where to direct your event email, please email and your email will get where it needs to go.

Please submit events no later than 5pm the Friday proceeding the following week’s paper edition.

Print space is limited and all event copy appearing in print is edited or rewritten by The Source Weekly; online submissions for events that appear in print may be replaced on the calendar with reviews or previews written by our writers.


1. All photos selected for publication on or in the print edition of The Source Weekly is at sole discretion of the editorial team. There is not compensation for publication.

2. By submitting a photograph you: a) give us permission to publish it in The Source Weekly and/or on; and b) grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to republish it in any format including without limitation in print and electronic formats; and b) you give us permission to use your name for the purpose crediting you as the creator of your photograph.

3. We may edit, crop or arrange your photograph(s) or graphic to appear in print and on website and we may remove your photograph(s) or graphics at any time from events or editorial content. Your name will be published alongside your photograph(s) in our print edition of The Source Weekly.

4. You retain ownership of the copyright of your photograph as its author and are free to republish it wherever you wish and in whatever medium you want.