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A Chief Tragedy



If you haven't heard, there was a tragedy in Kansas City over the weekend. Jovan Belcher, one of the starting linebackers for the Chiefs committed suicide in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot on Saturday. He came face to face with Chiefs personnel including Head Coach Romeo Crennel and G.M. Scott Pioli as he thanked them for all they had done for him before pulling the trigger. After hearing about these details, news broke that before he tragically ended his life at the stadium, Belcher had shot and killed his girlfriend at their home while his mother and 3-month old daughter were in the house. What is wrong with people!?! If your having serious life issues, get some help. Don't put other people in harm; especially the mother of your newborn child. I can't imagine what that kid's childhood will be like now. One news story had a quote from an anonymous friend saying that Belcher drank a lot and took pain medication. Whatever the reason for this heinous act, it shouldn't of been enough for it to happen. Again, go find help. There has to be someone out there that can help with whatever problems your dealing with. In response to this tragedy, the Chiefs still played their football game on Sunday against the Panthers, which I think was an immature movie by the league. Postpone it at least a couple of days. The morale in the locker room must've been terrible. Here's a video of the coach and a few players after the game:

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