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A conversation with the Cowboy Carriage Driver, Ryan Moeggenberg

Why do kids love horses so much?

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Why do kids love horses so much?

I remember our family horse when I was a kid. She was a combination of having a bicycle that I didn't have to pedal, having the trust of an animal similar to a dog and being huggable like a stuffed animal!

How are kids today different than when you were a kid?

I feel that kids today have less understanding of the life of ease they have been born into. Oftentimes people will comment how they would like to travel in a carriage all of the time until I explain all of the work that goes into getting the horse and carriage ready before you can start your journey.

What did you learn from your parents about parenting?

My parents taught me to treat children as you would an inexperienced adult. For example, if you talk baby talk to kids they will talk back in the same language. If you speak to them with intelligence, they are learning how to speak intelligently.

How is driving a carriage like being a parent?

Managing horses and children are not very different. Both of them need baths before you can take them out in public. They can be biting and kicking each other one minute and best friends the next. No matter how many times you ask they just won't clean their room. Kids and horses both like expensive shoes.

What superhero power do you wish you had as a parent?

I wish I could have the willpower to help me set aside more time to be a better mentor to my kids.

What do you hope children learn from you?

To never stop learning who they are and what matters most to them, so they can set goals that align with their values and to pursue them with determination and persistence.

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