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A Cool Empty Space Orchestra Video and Ruins of Ooah Report

Empty Space Orchestra has a new video and Ruins of Ooah wows the Summit.



First off, this should be a post with some video from last night's Ruins of Ooah/Basin and Range show at the Summit, but I'll be damned if the dang battery on my video camera was dead when I got there. Lame.

But the show was STQS (Strong To Quite Strong - pronounced "Sticks") on all fronts with Eugene's Basin and Range funkifying the second level of the Summit before locally rooted didjeridu-led band Ruins of Ooah took to the stage.  At one point, didj player Tyler Spencer donned a gas-mask apparatus (or something like that, all I know is it sounded awesome--like robots humping) into which he beatboxed awesomely.

The show was also featured some local music notables, including Eric Tollefson and three quarters of Empty Space Orchestra, whose guitarist, Shane Thomas, has earlier in the day passed along this video of his band. Check it out, it's pretty STSQ. Man, I hope that phrase catches on.

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