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A Double Standard for Deviants?

Opinion on the argument of whether Anthony Weiner should resign his position.



Many voters that form the "base" of the Democratic party were quite vocal in the criticism of their party leaders and the many other Democrats in Congress that pushed hard to have Anthony Weiner (the New York Representative who Tweeted lewdphotos of himself to women online) resign his position. Theirloud argument had to do with the fact that whensex scandals befall the Republican party,Republican politicians tend to "circle the wagons" around the offending sexual deviantand simply refuse to demand their resignation, as attested by recent examplesof the governor of South Carolina, the senator from Idaho, the senator from Louisiana, the senator from Nevadatocite a few.

Aside from the obvious political need to have Mr. Weiner out of the limelight so that theycould concentrate on their campaign to regain theHouse and keep the Senate, could it be that Democrats are more in line with the standardsof solid values than theselective values-driven Republicans? Many may counter this claim bystating that in the Clinton scandal Democrats looked the other way... maybe. Many whopushed for conviction in Mr. Clinton's impeachment trial may have eventually demurred in light of the incredibly positive moment for the American economy, which in itselfmight constitute a double standard...so rare in politics.

And incidentally, another recent example of the difference of standards by which wefeel about our public figures: Justice Clarence Thomas is having his friendshipwith magnate Harlan Crow questioned. A detailed article in the Sunday Times details how Mr. Crow generously donates tofavorite causes of Justice Thomas and his wife. Will there be further inquiry into this"sensitive"friendship and what it could meanto the impartiality ofjudgment of ourhighest court?

Ultimately the fact that Anthony Weiner, despite hisincredible upside as a young political rising star in the DemocraticParty, was cast aside is a positive move. His pathetic behavior doesnotfit the standards of honesty and transparency.

- Charlie Wysling, Bend

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