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Mr. Kevin Swipies asserts, "Liberals Have No Answers." Speaking as a liberal, I'd like to address some of Mr. Swipies comments.

The Dick Cheney and "death by microwave" reference from a Source columnist was printed to make a point. No one in their right mind wishes death upon anyone else. That is unless of course you are Dick Cheney or someone of his ilk. I've got one word for you here: Halliburton. Let's be clear, Cheney has been responsible for more personal suffering and death than any one Source columnist could ever dream up in a lifetime of twisted nightmares.

Regarding the Justice Roberts comment, Mr. Swipies' assertion that, "Obviously the guy is ignorant of history or facts, since it was the Democrats back in the early 1900s that supported the KKK, and their murdering of any black that chose to vote Republican, opposed the Civil Rights Act and opposed a woman's right to vote." I assume from this comment that Mr. Swipies considers himself a good history student and fact checker. And he's correct, however he's skewed the context. A Republican, back then, would've been considered a liberal- at least pertaining to those issues.

As far as all the oil in Iraq...yeah, that's a head-scratcher. Seems I recall Donald Rumsfeld talking about what a short-term action this whole Iraq adventure would be. And how the people would be throwing roses at the feet of their American military liberators. I guess when that didn't quite pan out; the whole oil thing kind of went sour too? Hey, who knew those troublemaking Kurds would partner up with China? Bottom line, oil was a motivating factor, or at least some control of it, and it didn't work out. So this is at the doorstep of liberals? And what's phony about an energy bill that's at least an attempt to get the petroleum monkey off our back?

So, Mr. Swipies' rant continues and then he asks about any progressive programs that have succeeded, etc. Well, I'm sorry your liberal correspondents had nothing for you. I've got a few:

1) The New Deal - The Depression - FDR

2) The Peace Corps - 1961 - JFK

3) The Job Corps - 1964 - LBJ

I could go on about the stellar list of Conservatives-Nixon, boy those latest tape releases are a real treat...almost forgot Watergate. And don't forget how he teamed up with Mr. Kaiser of Kaiser Permanente to set our current health care system into motion. Reagan (and Bush I) that Iran/Contra thing was a lot of fun and cutting all those social programs during the Reagan years was real beneficial to most Americans. And why is it that Conservatives seem to always pledge their support to the military yet we have debacles like the Walter Reed Medical Center in DC and the wounded troops who've come home from now back to Nam and can't get a fair break?

I'll just finish by saying I respect the fact that you haven't voted for a Republican, save one, in 20 years. You've got that going for you.

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