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A Local Production

Made in Bend 2014



From the blazing saddles of the old west cowboy, to the iPhone-obsession of the 21st century, entrepreneurs in Bend—and beyond—are exporting the Central Oregon lifestyle as much as they are living it.

This year's Made in Bend issue highlights products that reflect a distinctly Bend outlook on the world—and, values heavy with tradition, health, the great outdoors, sustainability and, of course, delicious, nutritious beer.

What's coming out of Central Oregon reflects the lifestyles of the maker. We take a closer look at five local craftsmen (and women) who are walking the Central Oregon walk, talking the talk, and selling those distinctly local ideas to the wider world.

Cashing in on Bend's outdoor enthusiasts and his own love for the outdoors, Tosch Roy is a young up-and-comer who makes backpacks designed for an active lifestyle (pg. 10). In a blast from Central Oregon's historical past, Gene Baldwin creates custom cowboy hats and is passing the traditional craft on to young apprentice Cate Havstad (pg. 12). Jim Miller is a techy entrepreneur who has raised tens of millions of dollars to translate Bend's healthy lifestyle into a nationwide trend (pg. 13). We also sipped a pint with Pat O'Shea (aka Patio) a nomadic brewer who truly loves stirring the mash (pg. 15). Finally, we talk trees with Mike Ross, owner and creative force behind Natural Edge Furniture, a sustainably focused, reclaimed furniture manufacturer that turns Bend's natural resources into usable décor (pg. 16).

These five individuals represent only a slice of the Made in Bend pie (and seriously, if you make pies in Bend, you should bring us one). Exporting and sharing the Bend lifestyle is a full-time job, and these are a few of the locals who have chosen to do it!

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