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A Noob's Guide to Special Oregon Stuff

The rules on the wacky tabacky, driving and other stuff in Oregon, for you eclipse visitin' noobs



Yeah, yeah, we get it—you came for the eclipse... but it doesn't hurt that Oregon happens to have great beer and legal weed, too. While the cannabis community will be happy to indoctrinate you and make you an evangelist for their special brand of flower/extract/dabs/etc., check this guide first, to help you learn a little about how it's done around here.


THE BASICS:  You're allowed to have up to an ounce of cannabis when in public and 8 ounces at home. Live at least 1,000 feet from a school and you can grow up to four plants, so long as they are out of public view. You can also have a pound of edibles (like pot cookies), 72 ounces of marijuana in liquid form (which is the equivalent of a 6 pack), and 1 ounce of cannabis extracts, aka concentrates, (shatter, wax, etc.). Edible marijuana products are available at stores licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.  

STONED/HIGH - I'm simplifying this to the horror of far better canna-minds such as Jeremy Plumb and Mowgli Holmes, but to get stoned (help with sleep issues, pain management, relaxation) go with an indica dominant strain. To get high (organize your sock drawer, giggle, tap into your creativity) use a sativa dominant strain. Research strains with apps/sites like Weedmaps and Leafly. You can learn about the strains available near you, and how others found them to work for particular conditions and intentions.  

DISPENSARIES: OLCC-licensed locations, where you'll find flowers, edibles and extracts for your cannabis-consuming pleasure. You will be purchasing lab-tested products, labeled with THC/CBD content.  

BUDTENDER BUMMER: Don't be the person who makes the budtender at the dispensary hate you. That's easily achieved by not being a dick (i.e. "My brother grows stuff that smells better than this garbage schwag.") or asking them to weigh out seven individual 1-gram strains. You tip your bartender, right? TIP THEM.  

DON'T SMOKE 'EM IF YOU GOT 'EM: You have your weed! But where will you use it? The short answer is "not in public." That means not on sidewalks, parking lots, parks, beaches, buses, alleyways or anyplace outside the home. This includes your light saber-sized vape pen. "But it's not smoke, it's vapor," you say in that smug tone that makes me want to slap you. That doesn't matter, Obi Wan Kestoney, you are still ingesting a cannabis product in a public place. You can smoke it your home, which you don't have to go to, but you can't...smoke...here.  

BEER AND BUDS: You can't smoke anywhere with a liquor license. That puts the owner of that establishment at risk of losing their license. Those aren't cheap. Be cool. 

GIFTING: A grower can give you up to one ounce of cannabis at no charge, as long as you are 21 and over. Same with edibles. 

SEEN, NOT STONED- The Director of the Oregon Health Authority has said his biggest concern is children gaining access to cannabis via recreational use. (He corrected himself to the term "Adult Use." Let's use that term!) Store your cannabis in a safe place, and that goes double for edibles. Have dog(s)? That goes for you as well. Dogs do OK on CBD products that are designed for them, not so well on your THC brownies.

Those are the basics you need to know in Oregon. But since the rules often change, get the very most up- to-date information at whatslegaloregon.com.

(reprinted from the Source's cannabis guide, The Leaflet)

Tips on Visiting Central Oregon

From local Central Oregonian, R.E. Isaac

Hitting a Trail?

Check for closures this week—many trails that are normally open in the Deschutes National Forest and beyond are closed or have more limited routes for eclipse week. Research the agency in charge of the land and check its website for details on trail closures.

Floating the Deschutes?

Wear strap-on shoes and don't bring anything you don't want wet, brah. And take your trash with you! Get more info at the Bend Park and Recreation site. 

Trying to drive around town?

Signal out of those roundabouts in Bend and the rest of Central Oregon. 

My kids live here!

Stop for those pedestrians, in a crosswalk or out of one! It's the law in Oregon.

(If you're crossing and someone stops for you, flash 'em a smile. Or a peace sign. I like the peace sign.)

It's hot here, baby!

If you stop somewhere along the side of the road to watch the eclipse, don't stop in the underbrush! It's fire season, and fires have been started from car exhaust on dry desert materials.

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