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A Stain on Our Name

Response to picking up your dog's waste.


As a dog owner who picks up her dogs' poop, I cringe whenever I read a letter complaining (justifiably) about dog poop left where it was originally deposited. I am old enough to remember when nobody thought twice about littering. Throwing your trash on the ground was an accepted practice. Eventually, having realized we were fouling our own nest, we woke up and stopped doing that. DOG OWNERS, WAKE UP. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to leave YOUR dog's poop behind. This isn't news, folks. And it isn't rocket science. Carry a plastic bag and use it. And consider picking up an extra pile or two now and then to make up for all you've left on the ground in the past. If you have a dog, it's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Period. Plus, you owe it to your fellow human beings and the planet. Just do it.

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