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A Weak Constitution

Letter to the editor.



With reference to right-winger Kenneth Swipies piece of Oct. 15, he apparently thinks his denigration of the "left-wing" shouldn't be challenged, but the left-wings denigration of the right-wing is verboten! A double standard? He doesn't accept the 1st Amendment to our Constitution by denying the separation of church and state. He makes a mockery of it even though it's supported by the U.S. Supreme Court. He's unaware that the separation of church and state was already well established at the time of the Constitutional Convention. Abortion has also been legalized by the Court. He makes an erroneous statement about God and the Bible in public schools. The teaching of evolution is there, God and the Bible are not! I'm not familiar with the left-wing attempt to get faith-based organizations to help promote "Universal Healthcare." But anything's possible.

The left wing and the right wing are both guilty of playing the "race" card. The problem is that "race" is outmoded, no longer in use by biologists and anthropologists. The traditional division of Caucasian, Mongoloid and Negroid is no longer in technical use. It's felt that "race" has no biological validity. We are all one race, or better put, we are all the same people. To think otherwise, denies that we are all one species, Homo sapiens.

Kenneth said one good thing. "The reason the country is in this mess is due to a lack of both parties doing due diligence to their Constitutional mandate." I disagree that the Founders envisioned they would be in a session only one month and then go out and earn a living in the private sector. If so it would be in the Constitution and I find nothing to support that. In fact, under Art. I, sec. 6, they are to receive compensation for their services, amounting to professional politicians!

The country was founded on equal human rights for all people. The religious right wing are obsessed with denying equal rights to gays in defiance of the Constitution's "equal protection under the law." They seem to believe that God and religion determine people's rights but they don't - our Constitution does. Their attack on gays is an abomination!

Kenneth asks: "If the country were ever to be united what would these left-wing politicians do?" That's easy. They wouldn't waste their country's time bad-mouthing their president like the right-wingers do!

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