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For those ready to take their yoga practice to a more vigorous place, acroyoga may be the answer. Acroyoga is a dynamic form of yoga that incorporates acrobatic moves in a partnered yoga session. The practice is built on three primary pillars called Solar Acrobatic Practice, Lunar Healing Arts Practice and Yogic Practice.

Solar Practice focuses on trust and involves partner practice. This element is centered on strength and may include inversions with spotting and acrobatics with a partner. Teamwork is a primary focus of the Solar Acrobatic Practice and partners seek to support and coach one another, bringing out their own and each other's strengths by working in unison. During partner work, groups of three work together as a base, flyer and spotter. The base creates a solid foundation, the flyer practices trust, and the spotter ensures safety for all.

The Lunar Healing Arts Practice is about listening and being open. This work includes massage, therapeutic flying and partner yoga. Massage in acroyoga may use the bodyweight, focusing on loving touch and mindfulness. During therapeutic flying, the flyer takes on a more passive role and the base uses gravity to assist the flyer in stretching. After therapeutic flying, flyers come down and massage the now warmed-up legs.

The final component in acroyoga is the Yogic Practices. This central element focuses on the solo yoga practice of each individual and includes elements familiar to those who already practice yoga. In acroyoga, the wisdom of traditional yoga is emphasized. Individuals are encouraged to self-reflect and use yoga philosophy to improve all areas of their life.

Ultimately, acroyoga is a communal affair. Partners are working together to bring out and enhance each other's strengths. Possibilities within yoga are broadened by the assistance of partners and individuals are encouraged to trust one another and to be sensitive and trustworthy themselves.


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