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Age of Uncertainty


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Not since the beginning of World War II has there been such a feeling of uncertainty as there is at the present time among the general public in this country. Most people don't say much, but within most lives is a strong feeling that all is not well. To know what to do about it leaves most people with a feeling of helplessness because as individuals we can't really do much to change the course of history for this nation, as it rests in the leadership. Leadership seems to be lacking while power by some seems to be shooting off in hundreds of directions. We have lived through trial and tribulation before, but this time it is different, and I think a bit more complex.

If we could borrow money as individuals like the government does and not worry about it, not worry what it might portend for the future, some might say we are out of our minds. Is our government out of its mind at this point with trillions of dollars in debt? I for one along with a few others think so. How this is affecting our economy is slowly being felt with the declining worth of the dollar on the world scene.

Those who have all the wealth don't seem to mind, but to the middle class and the poor, it is making more and more of a difference. My son, who works for an airline, took a 40% cut in pay, while others have lost their jobs in this country that have been transferred by major corporation to overseas countries. If they have found other jobs it is at a very reduced pay scale. Less money leads to foreclosures of homes, which have recently been on the rise, and to less spending of money to get poured into the local economy.

Finding a label that says "Made in America" is more difficult these days, while "Made in China" seem to flourish in almost every commercial item that one can think of. Some of these items of not the best or safest quality. Corporate America seems to have sold this country down the road all for a bigger profit. The uncertainty of this phenomenon rests heavily in the minds of most Americans.

There are many learned people who tell us that the United States of America has lost its respect and credibility in the world, due perhaps largely to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. But it has also lost its respect by having a dogged superiority attitude when it comes to other nations. We fail to sit down with people we don't agree with or particularly like. We fail to try and understand other nations and their point of view, while we let everyone know how righteous we are. We often call ourselves a Christian nation but we seem to offend everything that Christianity and the Bible stand for, such as "Love your enemies; do good to them that hate and persecute you" or maybe "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." When it comes to dealing with other nations there is a great uncertainty in the minds of this nation's people.

Do we have a global catastrophe as far as climate change is concerned? Reports over the past several years seem to engender a strong feeling of uncertainty. As humans we may have been Enemy Number One as far as Mother Earth is concerned. We have often not been very thoughtful or kind to this beautiful place called Earth that feeds us, houses us and gives us so much beauty and pleasure. What the future holds is uncertain, but are we doing enough about it? Probably not.

What we need is some strong and prophetic leadership to meet this crisis. This goes beyond political philosophy and everyday politics. We need someone who thinks and acts beyond the pale to lead us out of this maze. This will take someone who will stand up to the powers that be, vested interests, those who have a very narrow mindset and selfish concerns. These are critical times in our human history. We need someone to lead us out of what could become a monumental disaster in years to come. Voting for a presidential candidate this time is as great, if not greater, than anytime in history. Let's vote for our next president thoughtfully and cautiously. The future depends on it.

Rev. Earl R. Modean, Bend

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