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All Good Things in Time



About this time of year, I question why it is that bears get to be the hibernators of the great animal kingdom. Wouldn't we all be a lot more fit if, right after Christmas, we homo sapiens took one deep yawn that led immediately to four months of solitude and rest? We'd no doubt awake with a vigor that could only be explained by months of slumber, relaxation and absolutely no stress. But given that most human beings can't go more than a day without a visit to the restroom, hibernating appears to be out of the question. In the meantime, are you not what you imbibe? If so, perhaps ingesting a spirit that's been sleeping for years on end might just do the trick.

There's a lot of good that can come from sipping a fine bourbon on a frosty night. It will warm you all the way down to the soul with complex flavors of sweet vanilla and caramel that have developed from distilled corn juice as it snoozed away in oak barrels for so long that if the whiskey were a child, by the time it escaped from the barrel it would be old enough to drive.

Bourbon is for those who understand patience and know that good things come to those who wait. It is not for the faint of heart and you can never turn a Malibu and pineapple drinker into a whiskey drinker. No, a good bourbon has nothing in common with bubble gum pop and pink race cars; it's about enduring the toil and ultimately enjoying the fruits of one's labor. - Columbine Quillen

Editor's Note: The author is a long-time Bend bartender and former Source Weekly reader's choice for Bend's Best Bartender. She can be found most days conceiving and mixing mind-blowing cocktails at the Oxford Hotel's 10 Below lounge where she currently works as head bartender and mixologist.

Tempered Temperance
2 ounces of the finest bourbon
you have in the cabinet
drink it neat (without ice)

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