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America's False Choice



It gets tiring hearing Obama supporters continually trying to lay all the blame for the bailout at the feet of George Bush. Remember before the last presidential election how Obama and McCain rushed back to D.C. to vote on the bailout proposal? And remember how Mr. Obama voted for it right along with the rest of the cronies? That should have been a tip off, but most of us were too blind (dumb, misguided?) to see the writing on the wall, let alone read it.

If Mr. Obama really wants to put his money where his mouth is, he would call back a goodly portion of that unfair bailout money from the rich who got it so undeservedly and redistribute it among those who so desperately need it.

But in reality Mr. Obama is no different from those he appears to oppose. They are all the same; they just disguise themselves or attempt to hide behind different faces and labels to keep us erroneously thinking that we have a choice. We don't. They are all doing the bidding of those that run the show, and [they're] all working toward the same end.

If you want a specific example of how money doesn't just talk but swears, look at the example of the tobacco industry in this country. Tobacco-related illnesses cause over 600,000 deaths in this country each year and cost our society over $160 billion in health care costs. The FDA, which supposedly exists to protect the people, has tried to get tobacco classified as a drug to no avail due to the extremely powerful tobacco lobby. Nicotine is the most addictive substance people can use, yet tobacco is not even classified as a drug, while marijuana, which is far less harmful than tobacco or alcohol is classed the same as heroin, cocaine, meth etc. The FDA is supposed to take drugs that are proven to be lethal off the market. So, how can it be that tobacco isn't even classed as a drug? The conclusions don't require a degree in rocket science.

This is just an example of how big money determines government policy in our so-called "democracy." When John Kenneth Galbraith, one of the greatest economists of our time, was asked about the biggest problem he saw with our democracy, he replied, "It is that the business of government has largely been taken over by the corporations."

Remember Eisenhower?


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