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An Open Letter to The Bulletin



Dear Mr. Costa

For 20 years I have read the Editorials in The Bulletin.

The Bulletin has been a strong supporter of "Destination Resorts" in Deschutes Co. since day one. Continuously expounding upon the belief that these are pots of gold, for the school districts.

Now that we have gone through a major period of development and slow-down in the area, how about doing a brutally honest investigation into why the Redmond School District having within their district boundaries two of the most valuable destination resorts in the state (Pronghorn, Eagle Crest) is in such dire financial condition. They should have been been able to weather this downturn far better than most of the other school districts in the State. Yet they seem to be far worse off, going to a four day week etc.

Best regards,

Bob Seliger

Editor's note: Unlike many other states Oregon's schools are funded primarily through the state budget as opposed to local property taxes in an effort to eliminate disparities between districts. Our roads, however, are another story.

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