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Another Septic Standoff

In late 1994 when I had my home built a septic tank was installed on the property by Mike Daly Construction. Just this past Monday


In late 1994 when I had my home built a septic tank was installed on the property by Mike Daly Construction. Just this past Monday I learned that it's a steel tank although all my paperwork and county documents state it's concrete. Steel septic tanks have rarely been installed since the 1980s because they rust and corrode in Central Oregon soil and ooze waste which ultimately ends up in the Deschutes River. Because of this septic fiasco the couple who were buying my home withdrew their offer. I had Dan Haldeman (Deschutes County Environmental Health Director) perform an on-site visit and he verified the tank is steel.

I contacted Mike Daly to ask why he would pull such an underhanded trick and he conveniently can't remember anything about my install. Well, these guys are members of the "good ole boys club" so I have not been able to get to the bottom of this issue because they are covering each others' backs. Who knows how many other good people of Deschutes County have been duped by Mike Daly?!? Being that he is a county commissioner, I question whether he has pulled the wool over our eyes on local issues. Come on Mike Daly, "do the right thing."

MaryLou Hansen

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